Consider our Platform and Plethora of Programs as a Buffet of Life transformation. You pick the ones that serve you most for the season of life you are in, or you pick all, the choice is yours.

Every Program is designed with you in mind – concise, sweet but deeply impactful, so that without taking too much of your already limited time, you are able to participate in activities that can add to you in phenomenal ways.

Inner Circle

The inner circle is our primary platform for the Corporate Jesus Girl membership. Join us today and get access to our exclusive daily (weekdays only) premium wholistic tips and nuggets guaranteed to transform your life and work in 60 days. You will also get alerts on impactful opportunities and priority access to our events and programs

BoardRoom Prayers

Mighty things happen wehn women pray. Every sunday evening, we gather together virtually to commit our work and the week ahead into God’s hands because we know that exploits begin on our knees

Breakfast with Jesus

This is a monthly career and business breakfast fellowship exclusive. Holds monthly and reminders are sent to the Inner Circle Subscribers

Touch Base

TouchBase is a weekly mid-day prayer prompt for busy professionals. The focus is to help us stay in touch with God in the midst of our tight schedules. You get it every week day in your inbox at 12noon

Book Reading Challenge

There is transformative power in reading and we know this! But we also know that time is a challenge but we have a brilliant solution to the problem. Join us for our periodic book reading challenge. It’s fun and we read across various topics. Most importantly, it takes less than 20 mins a day of your time and runs from 7 – 21 days. Join us today if book reading has been a challenge to you

Lunch and Learn Sessions

Our lunch and learn sessions are designed around various life, family and career topics and we tackle the present day challenges faced by Christian women professionals. Holds every month. Reminders are sent to the Inner Circle Subscribers


This is one of the core programs of the Corporate Jesus Girl exclusive to the inner circle members. It’s a mentoring-upwards relationship where we connect with women who have walked in our shoes so we can learn from them. Stay subscribed to the inner circle to receives reminders and updates

Holding Your Corner

A meeting for the Married women in our midst where we learn how to hold our corner of the marriage in the midst of every other thing we need to do because this aspect of our life is core priority.

Vessels unto Honor

Another mentoring-downwards program with a core focus. Join us to leanr more and be part of it

Preparation for Life

This is a mentoring-downwards relationship where we mentor the younger generation. It’s an opportunity to give back

Single Sweet

For the singles in our midst. We learn and connect and we pray and plan towards exiting singlehood into marriage for as many as desire it

Corporate Jesus Girl Summit

Faith. Life. Family. Work. Every part of our lives must all work together. Join us at this conference which holds yearly and listen to seasonsed speakers take us through how we can upgrade these areas of our life exponentially. The maiden edition held in August 2020 and replay can be accessed on our sister platform – Styled by ABBA transformation lounge

“You are known to have an amazing intuition, patience, emotional focus, compassion and networking abilities. Your lists of strengths are simply phenomenal. Do not look down on yourself.”

- @corporate jesus girl

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